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3 Simple Steps To Getting A Home Equity Loan In Ontario

Accessing your home equity in Ontario is simple and fast. Equity mortgage lenders don’t require the income and credit requirements of big financial institutions. Ontario homeowners can access the equity in their home, regardless of income, job, or credit.

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Complete the form to get your free, no obligation, home equity loan quote and see how much equity you can borrow.


We will confirm the value of your home, and the available equity you can access. A recent mortgage statement will help!


Electronically sign your Ontario home equity loan mortgage approval documents and close in just 48 hours.

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Why Ontario Homeowners Are Borrowing Against Their Home Equity

Everybody and every situation is unique in their own way, but here are some common reasons homeowners in Ontario are borrowing against their equity.

Fast Debt Relief

Consolidate high interest unsecured debt & managing lower payment.

Better Cash Flow

Monthly payments and interest rates are always lower on secured loans.

Home Line of Credit

Get a line of credit and only pay interest on the balance you use.

No Minimum Credit

No minimum credit score required for a home equity loan in Ontario.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about home equity loans in Ontario

Yes, homeowners in Ontario with a credit score of 600 or less can get access to their home equity. There is no minimum credit score requirement for a home equity loan.

When using a home equity line of credit (HELOC) your overall monthly payment will increase based on the balance you keep on the line of credit. However, you will be able to make minimum monthly payments of the interest only portion of your balance.

The mortgage rate you get is based on your credit score, but credit does not play a factor in you qualifying for a home equity loan, as the approval is based on equity.
A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is if you have good credit, we can negotiate better rates.
Yes, you can still get approved for a home equity loan, even if you are unemployed in Ontario.

Home equity lenders in Ontario don’t require any proof of income or employment.

Yes, home equity loan lenders in Ontario will finance home equity loans up to 90% loan-to-value (LTV).

Home equity loan rates in Ontario will depend on the loan-to-value of the requested mortgage amount. Home equity loans in Ontario up to 90% LTV can range from 8.99% to 10.99%.

When getting a home equity loan in Ontario up to 80% LTV the interest rate can range from 5.99% to 8.99%.

No, in fact, if using a home equity loan to consolidate credit cards or loans, your credit score will increase once you pay off the debt using a home equity loan.

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How To Qualify For A Home Equity Loan In Ontario

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